We finally got that wet, pretty snow I’ve been wanting.  The type that clings to the bushes and trees and just looks beautiful.

front shrub

The problem is, we had a full day of sleet and freezing rain yesterday.

icy tree

Snow on ice on trees causes scenes like this (my front yard).

front yard

Or like this (a tree through my neighbor’s roof).  See the branch under the red letters?


We only lost power for maybe 8 hours this morning  . . . we feel lucky!

15 Responses to “Snow, Ice and More Snow!”

  1. Love your snow pictures (well, except the one with the branch thru the roof…that’s kinda a bummer!)….but have to say~~I’m SOOOOO glad that I’m only experiencing that snow thru pictures and not IRL!! LOL!! With the first 20 some years of my life spent with winters, I LOOOVE the second 20 without (for the most part!!)

  2. The pictures are gorgeous but I know the damage it can cause. Here in Ma this December the power was out, in my neck of the woods, for 12 days and more in some places. The pioneer lifestyle is over rated! LOL

  3. I’m so happy I live in Sunny Florida!! Those ice storms can be so damaging.. even though they’re pretty. Stay warm and safe!!

  4. Wow! That is SOME icy weather! It’s pretty, and it’s nice to be indoors all warm and cozy but, gosh, if the power goes out and you don’t have another source of heat, it must be pretty darn uncomfortable! I’d sure hate to get up and go to work every morning in that!

  5. Isn’t it amazing something so beautiful can cause such terrible destruction. The photos are great though.

  6. Love the pictures!! If you don’t have to get out in it and drive, winter is a beautiful time of year. Thx for sharing

  7. Winter can be so beautiful and yet so destructive. Love your photos. Don’t know if I envy having snow since we don’t have any here at all. After watching the news of all the ice and sleet, I guess I shouldn’t complain about our ‘cold’ weather…..67 d. But that’s awfully cold for us…..like shivering. Take good care and keep warm.

  8. Awww, Sherry ….
    I’ve seen so many ice storms. The beauty of ice on twigs, fences, icicles, and more is indescribable. But alas, it brings the chill & darkness of power outages. I’m so sorry you’re enduring more lost branches & power, etc. You need a break, Missy! I think it should be a Texas break! Yeah!!!!!!

  9. Good thing I live in California. Yikes!

  10. love the pictures! i wish i was snowed in.

  11. Glad that your house is okay; the snow does look beautiful on the trees. Thank you for your nice comments, Sherry; they mean a lot to me. By the way, my Valentine card, where you left a comment, is actually one (guess I should have been more specific because another person thinks they are two cards 😀

  12. Oh my, Sherry! The pictures are beautiful, but I know ice storms can be dangerous. Be safe!! Glad your power is back.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  13. WOW do those pictures bring back memories!!! I hope you and yours are warm and safe….looks like you will have some snowed in stampin time…yeaaaaa!!!

  14. Wow, these photos are fabulous. Love seeing snow and ice pictures, but glad I’m in South Texas where we don’t experience much of that.

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