it’s a tough act to follow!

Smiley from Happy Thursday morning!  I know I’ve been somewhat of a slacker this week, well slacking in work that I can show you . . . but not slacking in other work, or errands, or phone calls . . . . I’ve been busy but with what, I don’t know!

My project today is another one that I’ve had in mind for some time, just haven’t taken the time to put it to ink.  I’m still not convinced that this will be the final version of this . . . I’ve ordered some supplies (little trinkets and such) that I’m waiting on.

Some 15 or 20 years ago, I ordered a sweatshirt from Virginia Slims.  That’s when you could save the sides of your cigarette packs, send them in and receive free merchandise.   This is it in its well worn and loved state.


Not only do I love it because it’s worn, soft, stained and a little holey, but I LOVE the sentiment on the front.  That’s the type of sentiment that belongs on a card, wall hanging, anything you can think of!

I also have to say that I LOVE the new Spellbinders™ Grand Nestabilities™.  I also received a Grand Calibur™ last week and trust me . . . . fabulous, especially for cutting GrungePaper with the Grand Nesties!  NOW I can die cut my own backs for wall hanging, plaques, etc.  I used the Grand Squares for today’s project, cutting the GrungePaper right at 6”.  Oh and if you are like me . . . . that little white flip switch on the front of the Grand Calibur . . . that’s to enable the base suction so you aren’t trying to hold the thing in place with your still sore, freshly healed broken wrist, so that it doesn’t walk across your work surface!

The base and frame for the words, be yourself, are made by die cutting with #4 and #5 of the Mega Ovals placed together with a space between the two.

If you are wondering, all the GrungePaper has been covered with CosmoCricket Wanted, well all except the leaves and swirly things.

I couldn’t resist adding the image of the cowgirl doing her ACT on horseback, and a cowgirl wouldn’t be a cowgirl unless there were boots involved.  Which reminds me of a sign my sister saw the other night at a local restaurant . . . . “No dancing on the table with spurs on.”  Okay . . . that’s gonna be something one day!

The remainder of the sentiment . . . . it’s a tough act to follow . . .  was generated on the computer and then die cut using Tags 5.

I think that’s all for right now!  I’ve so lost track of my thoughts . . . major brain fart! Smiley from

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . . life is short, make of the most of today’s adventure!


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