Late last night it occurred to me that it was a year to the day that I had my cancer surgery.  A year ago today I was sitting in my recliner (now retired because it got too comfortable) with mega stitches in my head and sporting a half-hawk.

This morning I decided to look back over the last blog year and I’ve got to say . . . its really has been one hell of a year hasn’t it?  Between the cancer and a broken wrist there are many days when I didn’t post.  For those of you who follow me on a daily basis, thank you!  You’ve had to read a whole bunch of crap haven’t you? Thank you for sticking by me this past year and encouraging me along the way.

While scrolling through my posts, I picked out some of my favorite projects over the past year and thought I would share them with you.  So without further dribble from me, my 2010 Favorites in no particular order:

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Oh my BADness . . . it’s Wednesday already . . . . Smiley from

I got up early today.  I mean really, really early . . . 4:00 or so this morning.  Smiley from was still home too!  Talk about a Smiley from

I crashed again around 6:30 but before I did, I had a few hours to read though my daily blogs, Facebook, etc.  In perusing my daily reads I noticed that today is the last WOYWW (What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday) for the year.  Now I’ve been watching this group all year and keep thinking that I so would like to play along.  I’ve just never taken the time to do so . . . BUT . . .  today is different.  (perhaps the need is fitting in with my new personal challenge of trying to do and be better)

Actually my work table this morning is exactly how I left it last night.  Kate and Will came in for dinner (we ordered Tumbleweed) and when they left to pick it up I turned off my lights to go up and set the table.  After dinner the girls and I crashed in my little sitting room to watch double episodes of Glee, so I never made it back downstairs.

Anyhoo, my table

December 29, 2010

I was in the process of making a list of the product I used for my top secret project.  You can’t see my project in the photo . . .  I covered it up (its on the top of the work area covered with white).   What did I cover it up with you ask?  That’s the back side of my storage sheet for a brand new, sight unseen, not yet released Spellbinders™ die set.

I absolutely LOVE this new release and you’ll be seeing some of the sets over and over again!  Of course I’ll be able to show you the project AFTER CHA (since it is for the Spellbinders booth I can’t show you before).

However I bet you can guess there was a hot glue involved so that means there’s some GrungePaper involved along with lots of Distress Inks.

Well, that’s all I have for you today.  Mallory is going shopping and I’m half contemplating going with her . . . . the other half of me is thinking some inky fun in the studio!  Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!


Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week has started off okay.  I ran some errands with Mallory yesterday and then watched movies the rest of the day.  Both of us are anxiously watching for Mr. Brown  . . . we took advantage of some of the sales and ordered movies online we couldn’t find in the stores.  We’re antsy to say the least!

One of the things I want to do better with this coming year is actually  sending/mailing all the cards I make.  I know, I know!  Mallory tells me all the time how can you not send cards . . .  that’s what you do!    So in hopes of being better, I went through my calendars and marked all the birthdays of family, sorority sisters, friends, etc., trying to stay on top of it all.

My brothers birthday is New Years Eve and believe it or not . . . I made him a card today and I’ll get it in the mail before I stop or it will never make it.


He’s a golfer and I wanted something masculine and golfy.  I picked up my Graphic45 A Proper Gentleman and luckily I still had some of the golf images left in the paper.  I picked one, mounted it on illustration board and then inked the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.   Its placed on a layer of ovals die cut/embossed with Spellbinders™ S4-138 Petite Ovals – Large and S4-139 Petite Scalloped Ovals – Large.  I needed a border, but not so froo-froo, so I settled on S4-243 Ric Rak Diamond Borderabilities® Petites and layered some twill and twine on top.

I hope he likes the card . . .  I don’t think I’ve sent him one in many, many, many years.  Hell, I’ve just started to talk to him again after a few years.  Long story . . . sibling thing!  See, I really am trying to better about it all!

I hope you have a great day . . . me, I’ll be in the studio working.  It feels good after my short break!


Product used for card:

Good morning!  It seems it’s been forever since I’ve made a post.  I must admit that I’ve enjoyed my time off and have been spending time with my girls.  We did go see the new Harry Potter movie the other day and have a few more that we want to see over the next week or so.

I have a few pictures from Christmas Eve.  We celebrated at moms again this year, with all of us gathering together.  Mom surprises us all with

christmas house shoes

Ugg slippers.  One stop shopping is what she said!

I always like to get at least one picture of my girls together and I almost forgot all about it . . .

Christmas the girls

but they did ham it up for me.

Of course, I must share one of my favorites of the evening.

Christmas Carrie

My sister, Carrie and mom’s moose!

I have been thinking a great deal about the upcoming year and what I wish to accomplish both personally and professionally.  This past year was a real bear for me . . .  cancer, a broken wrist, a change up in design teams, quitting smoking, blah blah blah.  But I do have to say that I greeted all that happened as one adventure after another.  Some not so well as others, but still adventures.

I’ve ended the year with an upswing so to speak.  The last few months have seen my first publications, both in a book and in a magazine, and I have successfully quit smoking.  (I’ve not quite been able to give up the nicotine supplements yet – working on that one, but at least I’m not puffing and/or huffing.)   So while I work away on some special CHA projects, I’ll be thinking of my “word” for the upcoming year.

In the meantime, one final “good thing” to share for the year.  I was contacted by Graphic 45 around the first of the month, asking if they could feature my work on their blog.  Of course, I said yes . . . you all know how much I love their papers . . . so

I’ve been told today is the day.  Check out the Graphic 45 Blog!  As I’m writing this, I haven’t seen it myself, but I most definitely will be visiting and reading.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day!


I’ve been waiting for this since last summer . . . since CHA to be exact!  I wouldn’t even have known it if Sylvia hadn’t left me a comment and told me.  Thank you Sylvia!

I ran out to the mall yesterday and bought myself a copy of the February, 2011 issue of:


My Chunky Tag from the Spellbinders™ Summer CHA Blog Hop is featured on pages 34 and 35.

You’ll have to excuse me . . . it’s my first magazine publication . . . and I’m a little beside myself!  I’m the one who always buys the magazines, looks at them, and say out loud to anyone listening . . . I know her, and her, and her.  This time I said “Hey Mallory look . . . its your mom!”

I may not be back for the rest of the week.  I’m spending time with my girls, getting last minute shopping done and just enjoying being with the family.  I leave you with this . . .


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