15 Responses to “Splatter Cards!”

  1. Just checking in this morning to say hello and let you know I love your card. It may not have been picked up for publication but it is beautiful just the same.

  2. Great cards! I love the first one I may even be casing some of it this Valentine’s day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love both cards, Sherry! I don’t understand publications…sometimes I feel as though they pick what they like and don’t pay much attention to what their readers might enjoy. I’ve actually canceled all my magazines because, frankly, I was bored by them. Everything looked the same. These cards are fresh and beautiful. I would have published them! LOL

  4. very cool, love the splattered background, and your flower and ribbon with the heart is so pretty!

  5. Wow! The first card is my favorite! I like the way you used the paste to make the flower and really am impressed with the splashing effect; will definitely have to try your technique.

  6. I mean splattered…lol Can’t believe that neither one of your cards wasn’t published; they’re unique and seem easy enough to make. Have to agree with one of the comments: I don’t subscribe to card making magazines anymore either although every now and then will buy one to see if anything has changed because they so seem to look alike after seeing a page or two. It also seems as if a certain company has more published cards than others, such as the ink, stamps, paper, etc. on the listed supplies.

  7. Really disappointed that I can’t read your whole blog post in my e-mail anymore. Not really happy with that change. I don’t usually stick with blogs that don’t put the entire post in the e-mail. Lovely cards, though.

  8. These cards are so pretty. The pictures do not do them justice.

  9. Splatter – how fun. thanks as always for sharing.

  10. I love both cards, there are amazing!

  11. LOVE the Valentine card with the splatter effect! Beautifully crafted!

  12. Lovely!
    Sandra ltb

  13. Sherry, Love both of your cards. The first one really caught my eye – I said to myself – good idea! Thanks and have a great day!

  14. What fabulous cards Sherry,.

  15. I love both cards and the splatter technique is so cool. You used a stipple brush all over the card using different paints, right? I would like to case some of these for Valentines my family would love these. So original and they are just beautiful. 😀
    Thanks for sharing.

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