Smiley from Just a quick post this morning to let you know how far I’ve gotten on The Master Plan.  It’s hot, humid and the heat index is in 3 digits.  I work when I can, come in a rest, then head back out.  We’ve had some much needed rain this week so not much has gotten done.  Besides that, I’m waiting on Smiley from to bring in some more mulch and authorize where the final bushes will be planted.  Lord help me if they aren’t evenly spaced precisely and in a proper row.

I’ve also been able to transplant the Hostas that were being choked out in the larger side bed.  I just need to grab some more Black-Eyed Susans now that the ground is softer. 

There’s still much to be done, but I feel I’ve made a pretty good dent so far.  Does anyone want any chain link and posts? 

OH and I found my whiskey barrel for the side of shed.  A friend has an extra that she offered to give me . . . .Smiley from

The dog run is finally down I’m just too weak to move the poles.  See that little wagon . . . that was a present from my grandfather on my first Christmas!  I wasn’t even a year old yet!  It’s quite rusted now but still very useful in the yard.  I’m thinking this area would be perfect for a swing and some more flowers.


Here’s the back fence line.  I have a few shrubs planted, one more to go.  There will be a raised bed off to the left.   Smiley from wants a place to grow some herbs, etc.  More Coneflowers too!


Love the black mulch!  Two Butterfly Bushes by the deck, two more to go.  Haven’t decided where they will be going yet. 


That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventure and do as you damn well please!


8 Responses to “The Master Plan Update!”

  1. Sherry,
    Enjoy the warmth, we have been having a very cool summer in Calgary. Lots of rain and not a very typical prairie summer. Most morning is too cool and you need a jacket … even by the time I go home from work it isn’t that warm. Seems that is how it is this summer heat wave in places and other places are freezing!

    As always, I am reading your blog just don’t seem to have much time to comment before I was running after the babe and now I’m back at work.

  2. Wonderful progress there Sherry! I went out in this heat just to spray my roses. Some type of bug has gotten to them…even my hostas…too…sigh. We haven’t had a decent rain here in NW Ohio for weeks. Anways, I enjoy reading your blog and looking and your lovely cards, so I thought I’d finally comment…take care! 🙂

  3. Don’t want the fence, but I’d take some of the hostas!! And the rain….no rain here and it has been hot. Which means my newly planted flowers are struggling. When are you due to arrive to help out the the Master Plan here?!!!

  4. Wow Sherry you really have made progress and it looks GREAT so far!! I love those cone flowers 🙂

  5. Looks like you have gotten quite a bit done.
    I love the butterfly bushes….the butterflies
    will thank you!

  6. You have been a busy beaver! Kudos for working in this heat! It is coming along nicely 🙂


  7. I am enjoying seeing how you are coming along. It looks like you are a woman on a mission! Amazing how much a woman can get done if a man will just leave her alone. Yeah, I understand about how the spacing must be just right! My husband does all kinds of landscaping and tree work and woe be unto you if you put something in the wrong place!

  8. wow your getting alot done, this heat has just been too much for me, the weeds are getting out of control again around here.
    that is too cool that you still have your wagon and that you are still able to use it 🙂

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