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How many of us have chatted on line with people, get to know them through their posts, feel like they are friends and have never met them? Yesterday I had the great privilege of meeting two such friends. Jenn Balcer hosted a get together with myself, Jeanne and Carolyn King (cammie on SCS). Even though I had never met Jenn or Carolyn, I immediately hugged them, felt totally at ease and we talked a blue streak. As Jenn said in her post, instant friends! Jeanne and I took over a bin of stamps, Copic markers, and all of us sat around, stamped images and watched Jeanne color with the Copics.

Before we left Jenn’s for dinner, we had time to get a few pictures. The first is of me, Jeanne and Jenn.


I just had to have a picture with Carolyn too! (Carolyn thanks so much for forwarding the pics!)


One of the things on my agenda while visiting Texas was the Riverwalk in San Antonio and Jenn couldn’t wait to take me there and show me her hometown. The first thing we did was hop on a boat and have a little cruise along the river.

River Cruise

Jenn insisted that I have Mexican food and a margarita while in San Antonio! The waiter was so gracious to take pictures of us and I really think the picture on my camera came out a bit better than Jenn’s.

Mexican Dining

Jeanne and I are planning on heading back to San Antonio with Jenn on Wednesday to meet other Splitcoasters who are in town this week! How much fun is this!!!!!

18 Responses to “Stampin’ Friends!”

  1. Lovely fun-time shots! I’ve enjoyed more of the shots of the U.S. thru stories of SCSers as I can relate and envision so much more. Thanks for sharing your fun times with us. yours is the first Feed I’ve received about this outing. Jenn’s just came in. 😀

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you Sherry! What a sweetheart you are (but…shhhhh! I won’t tell!!)

    I have one ? tho—where are the margaritas?????????????????

  3. That was so much fun, y’all! I love being a hometown tourist, and hey, when your bud has a “must see” list, you just have to help, right? Wednesday, we’ll have to *remember the Alamo* since we forgot yesterday! See you soon!

  4. Oh, what fun you guys must have had. I’m sure you enjoyed meeting both of those wonderful girls. Love the pics!

  5. How fun!!! It’s so great that you all got together! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. I know exactly what you mean!!! I just met 2 SCSers, nutsymuhl and MelenaPrincess IRL and we were like old friends:)

    Looks like ya’ll had a blast!!

  7. You look like you’re having too much fun.

  8. How very cool! You folks look like you are having so much fun :^) All that talent in one place… how amazing!

  9. Sounds awesome! I’m jealous!

  10. Oh, I am so jealous!! We’ll be moving to Katy, just west of Houston (a couple of hours from San Antonio) in December, so you better plan another trip out there in the near future because you can bet your sweet, well, whatever, that I’ll drive out to meet y’all if I’m allowed!!

  11. Oh what fun you all had! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!! It’s great to see online friends and meet for the first time!

  12. Sounds like it was great fun! You’re very lucky!

  13. AAACKK! I think I have sat at that same table! And…oh…..the memories…..what a wonderful time you must have had….am jealous!

  14. Oh, what fun to see these pictures and all you girls — looks like so much fun — so glad you post them — thanks!!!

  15. waving ‘hi’ from north texas! looks like you had a great time visiting this great state!!

  16. Ummm Hello! I am jealous! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  17. Looks like Jenn took you to the right place! I love my city (San Antonio), too!

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