Hey all! What a day today! So much fun and just down right exciting. I have so many pictures to share and things to tell you about, but oh my BADness, I am plain worn out. It 12:37 my time (11:38 Chicago time) and we haven’t been in the room but maybe 30 minutes. I’m going to catch you up with photos and more deets tomorrow when we get back a little earlier.

Let’s talk about the show a little first. Jeanne and I only made it to 4 booths today – Spellbinders, Hanna, Ranger and Stampers Anonymous. Most of our time was spent in the Ranger booth, watching demos, talking with the artists and looking at all the new product. I do have photos of some of my faves and will be going more into that tomorrow. There is so much to tell! While visiting with Suze Weinberg today and watching her melting pot demo, we got to talking about Rubbernecker. She was talking about Rubbernecker when Dave’s sister owned it, and what do you know, but Dave’s sister showed up! How exciting to finally meet her and get to chat with her for awhile.

Tonight was the Splitcoaststampers Cupcake Reception and it was so much fun to have some of the Dirty Dozen and Dirty Dozen Alumni together in one room. There were also many of the member companies and advertisers on the site. I can say that a great time was had by all and I have so many pictures to share – but alas, that will have to be tomorrow.

Jeanne and I were joined by Vicki Garrett, Kelley Holland (OOOOOPPPS, I was so tired), the girls from Copic Marianne and Colorin Kate, and Anna Wight for dinner. After dinner we did get a ride back to the hotel by none other than a shuttle supplied by our hotel. Imagine that! They came and picked us up . . . WOO HOO! Traveling today was not nearly as weary as yesterday.

As I am a little tired and my eyes are crossing, I must call it a night. I promise I will have photos and more deets tomorrow and so much more to tell! Good night for now.

4 Responses to “CHA News – Day 2!”

  1. Who is Kelley Hammond…a new girl you’re hanging out with? She sounds super cool!! lol!!

  2. OOOOOO!! I just saw a video clip on the melting pot…kinda cool….
    Come on GF!! I need PICS!! DEETS!! (I will need $$!!!)
    Glad you are having fun (but in a jealous sort of way!)

  3. Hey, I’m with Starla, where’s the deets? Glad you two are having fun and finally getting that shuttle transportation like you’re supposed to.

  4. Heehee — must have changed names already!! How fun to have dinner with all those delightful ladies! I would LOVE to meet you – and Kelley, especially! Sounds like things are going better and that you have a full day ahead!!

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