145 Responses to “Spellbinders Pre-CHA Sneak Peek!”

  1. Very cool. I was wondering when they were going to do deckles.

  2. Fantastic Sherry, Wow flower just blows me away!


  3. Wow! I actually do use decorative scissors a lot and am not always thrilled with the result – too clean. Your project is amazing! Beautiful flower.

  4. Your rose is absolutely amazing, I LOVE it!

  5. Sherry, that is truly amazing! Fabulous work!

  6. Very creative idea to use the deckle rectangles for the rose. I like the card you made.

  7. I would never have thought of using them like that. What a beautiful rose.

  8. Wow! That rose is GOR-GEE-US! You are so incredibly creative – thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  9. That rose creation is certainly a stroke of genius! WOW!

  10. I love your creations! That rose is stunning!!

    But I can’t find the e-mail link to the Spellbinders contest… (day4… etc. ) I guess I’ll just have to look for it once more!

    Have a nice day! 🙂 hugs from Hege

  11. I found the e-mail adress! 😀

  12. Great tutorial on creating this beautiful flower.

  13. Gorgeous project Sherry, that flower is just beautiful!

  14. I would never think of using these dies to make a rose–very creative and beautiful!!

  15. Sherry, I love that you included pictures with your detail on how to create the flower. This is my favorite “ever” of your projects. Whew! I know it was work but wasn’t it worth it???!!!

  16. Wow, that is one amazing project, so pretty. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  17. Wow, your project adorable. I’m new to your blog and love your style. This will be a ‘must read’ blog from now on.

  18. Very cool! Great idea with the roses!

  19. Wow! loving these dies and your work with them is sensational. 🙂

  20. Wow…I always knew you were good (oh I mean bad…in a good way?) but this rose is incredible. What a beauty. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

  21. FABULOUS Sherry!!! and adorable pic of your mom and card!! Awesome showcase!!

  22. Simply fabulous! Love your rose!

  23. to take something flat and see a rose mmmmmm.See thats why your blogging and i’m not.Lovely work!!!!

  24. Can’t wait to try this!

  25. You truely are talented!! thanks for sharing it with us~

  26. WOW!!! What a lovely rose!! Amazing what you kan make with som spellbinders and papers… I’m stund!

    Sorry, my bad english..

    Hugs from Unni

  27. I’m speechless !! Incredible !!!!!! Thanks for sharing and in such detail too…

  28. WOW!!! I would have never thought to make a rose out of a rectangle!! I love what you have done with these new die sets. Your creations are so beautiful. This is the first time I have been to your blog and I will be visiting it a lot more. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Karen M.

  29. First time visiting your site. Incredible! What a treat. Your box with the rose and card are outstanding. I know they were time consuming but well worth it. Can’t wait to visit again.

  30. Are you FREAKIN’ kidding me, Sherry! All I can really say is “WOW, WOW, WOW!!!” YOU are truly amazing….REALLY! Now this I must try. Thanks for the directions AND the inspiration!

  31. Sherry:
    I am just in awe of that rose. Great, great idea to show other ways the dies can be used. The card for your mom is just gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing her picture and how you treated it so tenderly and specially. Thanks for sharing this!

  32. Holy Smokes Sherry! Both your flower box and your card blow me away! What an awesome job!

  33. Your projects are just amazing. You are so creative and inspiring. I would have never thought to use these to make roses. Your rose is stunning and that for the easy to follow tutorial.

  34. You do gorgeous work!

    I don’t see the link for the contest email though. Guess I can just type it in! 🙂

    Beautiful projects!

  35. Talk about thinking outside of the box! That flower is so beautiful. What a creative use of the dies!

  36. To enter the Spellbinders 5 year anniversary drawing, click here. DUH.

    Duh…just found it ! Apparently, I need to actually wear my glasses to see! LOL


  37. Amazing Rose!!!
    What are the largest and smallest measurements of both sets. I know you gave one of those measurements for each of the dies, but I would like to know the other measurement.

  38. OH WOW!!! You’ve outdone yourself today. Everything is just gorgeous! The rose is just awesome…and to think it’s made out of paper rectangles.

  39. You’ve been holding out on us, girlfriend!! This is truly spectacular!!! Exquisite!!!

  40. Oh my gosh, Sherry!!!!!!!!! What a COOL and innovative use for the nesties!!!! I love love love your flower!!!!

  41. Your flower is pure genius! I’m just astounded with how you created it! It just goes to show the unlimited uses for these incredible dies! TFS your expertise for this marvelous product. Now I’m picking my jaw up off the floor and getting on with the day! 🙂

  42. I concur with the other comments. The rose is SO gorgeous and I love the dew drops that make it look as though it was just picked. Thank you for your detailed instructions on how to make it! I bow to your creativity!

  43. The rose is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me of when my Mother would make crepe paper flowers for decoration when I was a child. Thank you for the instructions and for the picture of the beautiful rose.

  44. What a beautiful rose!! Great job. Loved both projects.

  45. WOW….my first words! LOL!!
    Really enjoyed your tutorial on that beautiful rose=great inspiration!
    The entire project is just GORGEOUS!!!

  46. WOW! That is just amazing!

  47. Beautiful flower! Love the card! 🙂

  48. Your rose is absolutely beautiful! I need these dies so I can make some of them. Wow!

  49. That is thinking outside of the box or should I say on top of the box. Awesome job on that rose, Sherry!

  50. Absolutely beautiful!

  51. Your rose is fantastic and I love your card too!

  52. Absolutely gorgeous flower! I can’t wait to try these.

  53. Wow is what I though when I saw the gorgeous rose you made. Also the box and the card are fabulous. TFS.

  54. AWESOME! Oh wow, Sherry, your samples are amazing. And I just love the look with photo images. PERFECTION!!

  55. Wow! Fabulous job! I can’t believe you thought of making a flower out of this die! How creative are you!

  56. *ouch….that would be from my jaw hitting the floor!!!!! OMG, GF!! Talk about thinking outside the box using these dies!! This is WONDERFUL!!

  57. Wonderful projects, Sherry — I never would have thought to make a rose from rectangles! Beautiful box/rose and adorably embellished project/photo of your Mom!

  58. Oh, my… that rose is just beautiful! Such great idea! TFS!

  59. Cool idea. I will have to try this sometime.

  60. The roses are beautiful.

  61. You’ve inspired me to try some 3D projects of my own. The rose is incredible!
    Thanks so much,

  62. Not being much of a “scallop” fan, I was hoping that Spellbinders would put out a deckle edge — my favorite paper edge. Love the rose — now that’s imaginative!!

  63. I am speechless..that rose is beyond amazement. Hard to believe you made it out of rectangles. Thanks for the inspiration.

  64. That rose is absolutely gorgeous! And the frame is so antique-like–sure is a keeper. Lovely work 🙂

  65. Wow, that rose is stunning!! I’m in awe!

  66. THis is absolutely stunning.

  67. Sherry,

    You are such an amazing designer, I love your work!!! So creative in a league of your own!!!!

  68. You are S-O-O-O-O talented! I love keeping up with your blog and projects. This box is so pretty and the rose makes it eloquent! And that adorable pic of your mother. You know how to do it girl!

  69. Gorgeous rose!!! What an excellent idea 🙂 The Deckle Rectangles are super shapes!

  70. You blew my mind! amazing. thanks for sharing this wonderful cration with us.

  71. You blew my mind! amazing. thanks for sharing this wonderful creation with us.

  72. I just love the rose. Very beautiful. I’m blown away!

  73. Your flower is FANTASTIC!!! I am still not sure I understand how you made such a beautiful flower, but perhaps the mystery is part of the appeal. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  74. Sherry… Your projects are GORGEOUS!!! I think this may be the most exciting shape yet! I love this look and these will be first on my list to purchase. What fun!

  75. OMG, what a creative use of the deckled rectangles! The rose is gorgeous!!! I love the card with the sweet picture of your mother and how beautifully you finished the inside of the card and I agree the sentiment is perfect!! TFS

  76. Wow, wow, wow….how GORGEOUS is that flower you made, and what a STUNNING card! You are truly talented at what you do…

  77. WOW!!! Sherry, your rose with the deckle edge die is Absolutely STUNNING!!!! What an amazing project!! Thanks for sharing all of the details for making the rose. The card with your mother’s picture is very Beautiful too! I love the vintage picture, it’s adorable.

  78. Another amazing dies.
    And this rose is wonderful.
    Sherry you are GREAT ARTIST.

    Salute – Lengow.

  79. Love these deckled rectangles!!! And that rose is gorgeous… you have made these sets a ‘must have’ for sure!

  80. So THAT’s how those flowers are made. And I love that you do it with the new deckled rectangles. You are SO talented. Thank you for the inspiration.

  81. Dude these are going to be a huge seller!!!! LOVE your samples, especially the rose!

  82. Fabulous! I can’t even think of what else to say. I am blown away by what you did with this great die. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  83. Wow, Sherry! This is an amazing project! The flower is so cool! I absolutely LOVE the card, too. Fantastic! I’ll have to hop on over to the Spellbinders site and check out the rest of the stuff!

  84. LOVE these dies – i’ll never be able to duplicate your beautiful rose, but it is absolutely a WORK OF ART!


  86. Sherry, your projects are beautiful. I really love the distressed look!

  87. I wasn’t sure about the Small Deckled Rectangles at first glance, but then I saw what you did with them to make the beautiful rose! WOW!!! How much fun this will be! Thank you so much. This rose is stunning!

  88. OMG!!!!! The new dies as so pretty, but your rose is just stunning! I am so going to create one as well! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work and showing us the new dies.

  89. Sherry – – your projects are spectacular!! I didn’t think I would be too interested in the deckle rectangles, but after seeing what you’ve done with them, I’m awfully tempted.

    Love, love, LOVE your work!

  90. What a fabulous project. I would not have thought to create a rose using a rectangle shape but it looks gorgeous.

  91. These dies are awesome as are your projects ! I have sent in my entry !

  92. Oh my word, I just love these Sherry, you are so artistic girl, absolutely fabulous! These are a must have!!!

  93. OMG – this is just stunning!!!!!! So many possibilities with this die set – thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  94. Wow Sherry! What great ideas!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  95. Awesome job with your projects! I adore that flower!!!!

  96. thanks for this wonderful sneak peak for the new die sets. all are simply gorgeous!

  97. Your rose is just beautiful!!

  98. Hi Sherry 🙂 Your project and card are amazing! LOVE the gorgeous rose and stunning layout on the card. Can’t wait to order these NEW Nesties, I know this will be one of my first sets to order!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful samples with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Jennifer 🙂

  99. Gorgeous, stunning box! What a wonderful creation…beautiful coordinating card too.

  100. Holy Moly Sherry wow what an amazing project!!! My Bday is August 1st…. 😉

  101. WOW! That is absolutely magnificent! Thanks!

  102. That is a beautiful flower – it looks amazing!

  103. what a great idea to use the rectangles to make your rose. It turned out gorgeous! So clever.

  104. Wow, this is amazing what wonderful Creations. Love it all…….


  105. WOOOOOOOOW this was soooooo beautiful. You are good!!!!

  106. That rose is just amazing ~ too clever!!! These are my favorite sneak peek so far!!!

  107. Wow, that rose is stunningly gorgeous! Running to send in my email to spellbinders and crossing my fingers.

  108. SHUT UP!!!!!! What a wow project. I absolutely love . . . I mean LOVE that rose you made. Please email me for my address, if you don’t have it any longer. Oh never mind – I’ll just send it right over! WOW!

    Your dear, dear friend,
    Karen – aka imastampin

  109. Sherry, now I know why your blog is checked out everyday; your work is fabulous! The trinket box and card are WOW WOW WOWsome 🙂 Your idea using the new rectangles is so innovative; one day, when I grow up, I’ll think of neat things to make, too…ha ha!!!

  110. Awesome new dies!! Love that gorgeous flower that you made!! Terrific tutorial!



  111. Your projects are amazing, Sherry. The Rose is such a beautiful idea.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

  112. WOW – that rose is just waaaay too cool 🙂

  113. I entered the contest but had to come back and tell you just how beautiful your rose is. It is just amazing. -Molly B

  114. Well GF, you outdid yourself here! The entire project just gets better and better! I just love every little inch of it all! TU so much for the inkspiration! hugz

  115. What a wonderful flower – will have to give that a try – thanks for sharing your talents!

  116. Who would have thunk rectangles would make such a lovely petal. Very creative.

  117. Brilliant!!

  118. You are very creative and I will be back to check out your blog often.
    thanks for sharing with me.

  119. What a beautiful result from such humble beginnings!

  120. Sherry, your rose is absolutely fabulous!

  121. Sherry your Rose and Box are just Gorgeous and your Card is Fabulous!! What a Fantastic Keepsake they all are. What a Truly Talented Lady you are!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    I am sure you single handedly just sold a GaZillion of the Small and Large DeckleEdged Rectangles for SpellBinders!!
    Your Total Project is just Gorgeous!!!!

  122. Wow Sherry… this is stunning! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  123. Wow, Sherry! These projects are both beautiful! I was gonna ask if that photo was you — too dang cute! Love the distressing papers to, really creates an old fashion charm. Can’t wait to get my hands on these ones. 🙂 Kelly

  124. Sherry!!!!what an absolutly stunning Rose creation! I LOVE it!!!
    I will deffinitly be getting this die cut and trying my best to make one of these lovely beauties!
    thanks for the wonderful inspiration!!

  125. I *love* the rose that you made and the lovely box that you distressed. The card using the photo of your Mom as a little girl is beautiful! What a wonderful keepsake that card would be for someone special in your family.


  126. I love your Rose! It was so creative, your colors were beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me to make more out of my card creations~
    Have a great day~
    San Antonio

  127. Fan-flipping tastic!
    You rock..
    Thanks for the neat inspiration..


  128. Fantastic rose and altered box. I love the the card too and the way you used the vintage photo and accents.

  129. The rose is truly inspired! I love it!

  130. Beautiful Sherry! Who’d a thunk those dies would make a rose?

  131. wow – that rose is amazing! i can’t believe it’s from paper rectangles!!

  132. Wow! Awesome rose! Love the card too!

  133. Your flower is totally amazing. Great thinking! Really like this set.

  134. What a beautifully unique flower!! Thanks for the clever idea!

  135. Spectacular and too too gorgeous for words. Thanks Sherry for sharing your rose technique, designs and these awesome new dies.

    Hugs and blessings – Jean

  136. Wow! That rose is pure genius and gorgeous! Thanks for thinking outside the box and sharing how easy it is (or at least it looks that way!) :o)

  137. Wow! That rose is amazing. Great job. thanks for sharing how you made it too.

  138. What a beautiful project! I never would have thought that rose would have come from a rectangle! I love your tutorials. They make me feel like I could really do that!

  139. Sherry I couldn’t remember if I already told you how FAB-ulous this rose is but even if I did … it deserves repeating!! I would never have thought that you made it from rectangles of paper! This is awe inspiring! I am never dissappointed when I visit your site!

  140. Large and Small Deckled Rectangles

    Great job! I am amazed at the rose you created. Thanks for sharing!

  141. What a fabulous flower……..truly amazing!!!

    That would have never entered my mind to create a flower. good job

  142. Sherry,
    You are so talented! Loved both the trinket box and the Card, I hope that one day I will become as creative as you! Happy New Year from Conroe, Texas!

  143. Wow, Sherrie! You projects are wonderful and lovely too! The dies are just wonderful too!

  144. Small Deckled Rectangles….wow! wow! the roses and beautiful and amaxing…great work…I just want to go and try to make them…wow!

  145. So absolutely stunning! I love everything you create – you really are an awesome designer!

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