13 Responses to “I Truly Couldn’t Help Myself!”

  1. OMGosh! You are truly ‘struttin’ your stuff!
    I’m lovin’ it! Yes, I am!

  2. OMG!! Your “sentiments” are HILARIOUS!! BWHHAHAAAA (oh, stop!! It’s too early here for this much amusment! )

  3. Oh Sherry, only you could have come up with those sentiments! They’re perfect though! I love them!

  4. Honey you are so right! I love the Strut your Stuff for a Graduation card! THis is a great set — lots of ideas — the rooster, hen and chicks for a new addition (baby) card — the older kids can enjoy the card too because they’re on it!

  5. Classic Sherry on the outside….Bad Sherry on the inside!! Perfect combination!!

  6. love the design of your card! truly wonderful! and what fun sentiments you came up with! 🙂 have a great weekend!

  7. I LOVE it Sherry!

  8. That is too funny….I love humorous cards…thats mostly the kind I make!!!

  9. Love your ideas for the sentiments….we joke that my dearly beloved’s dad is a little rooster crazy…they can be found adorning all sorts of things in the house. This sort of card would be just perfect for him!

  10. Oh my Sherry, you are just so BAD & NAUGHTY 🙂

    ……………….. I LOVE IT! …………………………….

  11. Love it, great job on the coloring and perfect papers!

  12. Superb card and I love the ideas for the inside comments too.

    You have a terrific sence of humour heheheh



  13. […] one of my Kittie Kits, but alas, he’s not much of a farm type person.  Then I remembered this post from Sherry, and decided to go with her great idea!  I used this weeks CPS sketch – CPS113 […]

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