Good morning and welcome to another Rubbernecker Blog Stroll!  Today Rubbernecker Stamps releases two new Kittie Kits – “Cause a Scene” Sets.  I showed you the Chicken Coop Scene yesterday, and today I’m going to show you the Farm Scene. I can’t believe that it was close to 2 years ago that Kittie, Jeanne and I sat around Kittie’s patio table brainstorming scene kits!  Since Kittie released her first sets, there have been others to come along, but none like our Kittie’s hand drawn images and style!  That is exactly what Kittie Kits – Cause a Scene are all about  . . . being able to replicate Kittie’s style in our own way!

To celebrate this release, we invite you to Blog Stroll along with the Rubbernecker Red-Hot Mommas.  The Stroll begins at the Rubbernecker Stamps Blog where you will find the guidelines on how to win one of the sets being revealed or even possibly the GRAND PRIZE. If you haven’t started at the Rubbernecker Blog, you should go there as soon as possible. That’s where you’ll find the first clue to begin your Stroll (and yes, this time there is a clue on the RN Blog).


I water colored the image with Ranger Distress Inks and my fave new toy, Koi Water Brushes.  I absolutely love the outhouse in this set and just had to use it.  Do you remember visiting family members who had outhouses?  I sure do!  They also had water pumps in the kitchen and cooked on wood burning stoves.  I loved visiting the relatives in the country with my grandparents.  It was an every weekend (or at least every other weekend) occurrence.  You didn’t call to say you were coming by, you just got in the car and went.  When you got there, you visited everyone in the family, going from house to house!  Ahhhh, good times!

The Blog Stroll ends with me, and my word in the phrase is STAMPS! I hope you’ve visited all the other blogs, left comments, and have found all the phrase clues.  If you have, now is the time to email me, [email protected], with the subject line BLOG STROLL – KITTIEKITSAPRIL23, and the completed phrase. 

The Blog Stroll will end at 12:00 Noon on Friday, April 24, and the individual winners and GRAND PRIZE Winner will be announced on the Rubbernecker Blog Friday afternoon!

I hope you enjoyed the stroll and thanks for coming to the BAD Side for awhile.

53 Responses to “New Kittie Kits and Blog Stroll!”

  1. LOL at the outhouse!! That’s great!! Love the card!!

  2. Love the cards and thanks so much for the chance to win these sets!
    [email protected]

  3. What a fun blog stroll through the BAD side of town! I thoroughly enjoyed all the fabulous artistry on my stroll! Your card is delightful!

  4. only you could add an outhouse and have it work so well! 😉 kudos to the bad one, herself!!!! love your card! it’s wonderful! and another fun blog stroll has sadly come to an end………….
    can’t wait to do it again! 😀

  5. Love your card, Sherry. Just one bit of advice:

    Never put outhouse uphill from house!!! LOL

  6. What an adorable scene, love the outhouse up on the hill. This has been a fun morning, thanks for the chance to win these awesome stamps.

  7. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous scene Sherry!! Thanks so much for a well organised and fun blog stroll! 😀

  8. Well, of course I did this bass ackwards. I always start my blog hopping with you (seriously….no brown-nosing….Your blog is usually the first one I hit every am!!) I will hit the blog stroll after work this am!!
    And~~~ love your little scene! Reminds me of the my family’s homes in a little canyon in New Mexico. (which, to this day has no running water!!)

  9. I love your scene! We had a lake cabin and an outhouse too, yes memories, lol!

  10. This was more fun than anything I have done in ages!! And I didn’t have to get naked!! OK, I was partly naked but that is because my pants are too tight and it was hard to breath sitting here at my computer!! Now that you know more than you needed to, let me say that I loved this stroll! I will absolutely do this again!! Such great cards!!


  12. Great card Sherry — and glad you used the outhouse (makes your scene very realistic!) This was a great blog stroll again and hope that Rubbernecker continues with more of the same. Thanks to everyone along the way.

  13. LOVE this with the outhouse!!!!!!!! So funny! And I agree – never build the outhouse uphill from the house!!! ROFL!

  14. Sherry, the wrong link is YOURS!!! I love your card and the outhouse but at the other post other people are confused! You say that Shelly’s link is wrong — I wouldn’t have clicked on it because I knew hers was right — I went there — but I’m just a nosy nelly! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. Love your card and I have enjoyed the blog stroll.

  16. Oh man Sherry! We had a cabin up in Meacham Oregon and while Mom and Dad would clean out the cabin of mouse poop my Sister and I would run around and have pinecone fights, and these were REAL pinecones with the spikes! LOL Yes, ahhhh good times! HAHAHAH We had an outhouse which I thought was SO cool, however Nowadays I MUST have a flusher!!! I think to many days in the “field” while in the Army! LOL

    These sets are SO going in my shopping basket! I told Dave you guys just SUCK ME IN and you did it AGAIN!

  17. Pretty card. Great scenery!

  18. Great card. I had so much fun on this stroll.

  19. What an awesome card, love the whole scene!!! Not a bit of blank space, looks like a place you’d want to be, taking a stroll down the path!!!

  20. the outhouse is cool. really completes the card

  21. Were you a city girl, Sherry! Your card is cute as can be but I don’t want to live on the south side of that outhouse! LOL Had a blast going on this morning’s stroll. Now off to place my order. Hugs.

  22. Sherry…the outhouse is a HOOT! Love these scene stamps and would like to give them a try. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  23. Thanks for the stroll. Really like your card. Memories galore here.

  24. Love your cabin scene with the fun outhouse ‘out in back’!!

  25. This is such a wonderful scene, Sherry! I just love that outhouse too…too funny!!

  26. Very cute Stamps! Thanks for the blog candy opportunity:)

  27. Don’t fall in “out back”!

  28. Great card; I’m still reeling from all that detail! (Wow!)
    Thanks for the chance to win such awesome stamps.

  29. Just stroll’n by – love the stamps!

  30. Pretty card!!

  31. Love the outhouse and your right about the visits, no need to call ahead. Good Times!!!

  32. WOW! Those leaves and the grass are so awesome! Definitely winners with both sets!! Love your card!

  33. LOL – the closest I’ve come to using an outhouse is a porta-potty and that was bad enough . Thanks for the blogstroll and fun! Great cards. 🙂

  34. What a great stroll this has been, everyone has done and awesome job.

  35. Wow. I am in awe of the detail on your card! Wow……

  36. I LOVE your card Sherry! These kits are awesome!!!

  37. Nice rustic scene you have set up and the coloring is fab. Great job!

  38. My first time doing the stroll. I really enjoyed it. Love your cards!

  39. ooooooooooooooh, this is so ‘picture perfect’! Wow, Sherry, I’m thinking you NEED to do MORE of these scenery cards…they are worthy of framing….that is what I would want to do with them. Love, love, love this one!
    Hugs, Barb g (WV)

  40. These new stamps are really exciting and perfect for my Minnesota style. Thanks for the chance to win these sets too!

  41. I’ve admired your work since I first saw your cards on Splitcoast.
    These stamps are perfect! I love how you added the outhouse.

  42. This blog stroll has been fun! I love the images everyone created. I loved the way your tree looks – the leaves look really good. Thanks so much for sharing your very pretty card!

  43. Oh my goodness I love this! Love the little path out back! Made me smile! These are the best ever scene kits!!! I just love them all!

  44. Sherry, your card is GREAT!

  45. What a fun stroll! Have to say I really love your BAD side!

  46. Always love your cards! This has been a wonderful stroll tonight.

  47. Wish I could dive right in and live in your card. I wonder if the grass would keep growing? Thanks for the stroll….lots of fun!

  48. I think the outhouse should be downhill, instead of uphill of the house. LOL, pray for no rain…… JK Great card and love the coloring.

  49. AWESOME sets. Great creativity. Gotta have both sets.

  50. Oh, your card is so cute! I love the entire scene, but the outhouse put a smile on my face!!! Very, very cute!! God Bless! Angella

  51. Reminds me of summers on the farm in Kentucky. Thanks!

  52. Great card….perfect country house.

  53. Love this, like your path leading to the outhouse!

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