15 Responses to “Don’t Panic–I Stamped!”

  1. I was JUST thinking about you on my way to work this evening wondering what you were up to and missing your posts…

    WELCOME HOME SHERRY!!!!! the card is WONDERFUL… dontcha feel all warm and cozy with your inky lil fingers???

    Hope you dislodge the funk you got goin on soon, you are missed!!!! 🙁

  2. Hi, I’d say you did super for all your handicaps. Have missed your great cards and all your talks. Love hearing from you and hope we’ll see a lot more of you now. Take care and hang in there. Edna

  3. This IS fabulous! So happy to see your stamping again!

  4. Sherry, Great card. Lucky Aunt! Lucky us…you are back! See you again and soon I hope!

  5. Oh that is lovely!! Welcome back Sherry!!

  6. Welcome back Sherry! Glad you’re healing enough to get back into the swing of things! Love the black and red in this card- your coloring with a broken arm is still way better than mine any day-lol!

  7. Cute card; your aunt will appreciate it. Glad to read that you’re back to stamping; I was getting concerned and thought maybe you were feeling worse. Take care!

  8. Wow!!! Love the card! You always do fabulous work, and am so happy to see an amazing card from you! I’m sure your Aunt will love this card! Happy Birthday to your Aunt! Now take it easy with that arm…go and rest…hehehe…take care…hugssssss!!!

  9. Glad to see your creating again and this card is just perfect!

  10. Well lady bug, I was beginning to wonder about you! You’ve always been able to outstamp me with one hand tied behind your back and you have just proved it! Nothing like dishing out a little come uppance now and then. You go girl! Really glad you are beginning to feel human again. Every time I get Bronchitis, I feel like I’m dying! Hope yours didn’t get that far. Good to see you getting back in the swing of things. We have all missed the master!

  11. Yaay!! Sherry’s back on the horse as the saying goes. Kinda goes with your boots you were eyeing up, huh?
    Glad to see you stamping again Sherry, and a lovely card and image too.
    I’m also glad to hear you’re having fun again, you deserve to.
    I hope your aunt has a terrific birthday, I’m sure she’ll love her card.
    Alexandra (Scotland)

  12. She will love the beautiful handmade card made with lots of heart.

  13. Yeaaaa! It’s good to have you back! Terrific card!


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