Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend has started off with a bang.  The weather here is absolutely gorgeous . . . sunny and warm.  Have I told you how much I hate cold weather?  I actually had to put jeans on one morning when I went to the doctor . . . so totally unacceptable.  I want short and t-shirt weather all the time and some day I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t have that right here in the Ohio Valley.  Our weather patterns have changed so much over the last 10 years.  If not, it will just make looking for that private island and cabana boys all the more important!

I’m still trying to get myself and the mojo into high gear.  There are some things that are a little troublesome . . . like trying to cut paper and holding a straight line on the sewing machine.  I know, don’t tell me I really don’t need to sew!  But I DO!  I love it, plus it keeps down the use of tape and glue . . . I don’t use nearly as much as I use to.  One little piece of double-stick tape in the middle of the layer and you can sew away and it stays in place.  Now I just need to sew up the hole in the seam of my favorite t-shirt . . . been meaning to do that for months now.

I started today’s card sometime yesterday morning and the colors weren’t working for me so once again, I walked away.  Last night while trying to find something to watch on television and realizing that I was soooooooooo bored, I came back down to the studio and finished the coloring.  The image is one from Hero Arts that I got from my friend, Daisy, when I placed an order at eclectic Paperie over a year ago.  This is the first time it’s seen ink.

For y’all!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the warm fuzzy thoughts while I recuperate and heal.  It means more than you can even begin know!


I stamped the image a couple of times because I wanted to pop up the middle of the flowers.  Well let me say more than a couple of times.  The first time I stamped with the wrong ink and had to go back and re-stamp them all.  Alcohol based ink and Copic Markers just don’t mix!

I hope you get out and enjoy the weather today and thanks for stopping by!


15 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Your card is jus lovely! and looks very ambitious.
    So glad you are healing and enjoying good weather. Keep up the good work and I love the honesty of your blogging!
    Cathy in Az

  2. Another Beauty of a card!! I just love your work Sherry 🙂
    I am so with you on warm weather but I live in Maine go figure that out!! Not exactly warm all the time, but today is a lovely fall day the leaves are so pretty and there is a breeze but still not to to bad. Enjoy the day!!

  3. so pretty, great dimension and colors, like the button centers!

  4. Wow, how gorgeous, Sherry! I love the colors and your Copic work is awesome. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  5. What a delight to see that you are stamping! 🙂

  6. Glad to hear that you’re back stamping. I still have another 2 weeks with a cast and then Physio after that! I’m enjoying visiting all my favourite blogs and seeing all the wonderful cards. Keep them coming!

  7. Are you kidding, those colors are beautiful. LOVE it! I need to get my machine out more and use it. I actually need to sew some curtains which I been meaning to do for over a year!

    As for weather, I like crisp days. Although this weather we’re having right now is perfectly fine with me too :-).

    But you ever find that island and those cabana boys, I’ll be joining ya! 🙂

  8. Wow…that is one piece of gorgeous work!!! I so love all the beautiful coloring! Yes, on that weather. I prefer the Tshirt and short weather, but it’ll soon be all long sleeve and jeans here in NW Ohio. Today is a lovely day, though, with 82…a lovely fall day! You keep cranking out those wonderful creations…great job…take care!!!

  9. Such a pretty card. Ummmm you know Ohio is known to be cold. Sounds like you need to be moving to California or Flordia. I know how you feel. I am from California and moved to Missori when I was 25. Can I just say that wasn’t the smartest move I ever made! Really it was a great move except the weather. So Sherry we in blogland are all so glad you are feeling better and your mojo has returned. I love your posts.

  10. I love this card! And I have the stamp … maybe I should use it! *lol*
    Central Ohio’s weather was gorgeous today! I prefer being cool/cold, but I, too, hate wearing jeans. Give me shorts & barefeet any day … I fear you’re probably right – with all of the weird weather changes, we may indeed have that year-round some day.

  11. Gorgeous card. Love the colors. I feels so “warm” !! 🙂 Love this weather too. The longer we have this, the longer it takes for winter to get here. If your warm weather starts lasting longer, I’m moving !! LOL !! Glad you enjoyed your birthday.

  12. that is a VERY pretty card and gotta HATE that wrong ink scenario!!! LOL I dont have a sewing machine and want one SO SO SO BAD!!!!!! It just adds SO much to a card, but really sewing straight is overrated… just go for it on high Sherry and woot woot start a new trend!!!!! 🙂

    Glad you are still in the studio and bored with TV… I haven’t sat and watched a show in a couple years now… too much to do in the craft room, I got toys that need attention!!!! 😉

  13. Sherry I’m glad you had a happy birthday. Your card is so pretty & your stitching looks perfect to me. I understand now why you stitch so much. very practical and it’s such a pretty look too.
    Personally I detest sewing, well maybe that’s a bit strong, put it this way, I usually do this at the same time as my ironing… repairing seams, hemming or sewing on buttons now I associate with laundry chores. :o(
    I’m a lazy cheat when “sewing” on my cards and projects, my stitches are drawn on with a fine pen if I want the look, so I still go through my ds tape & adhesives. lol
    Weather is getting cold here in Scotland too, I’ve been wearing my jeans for weeks.
    We’ve already had a couple of light frosty mornings a few weeks ago. My car is covered in a layer of water most mornings (thankfully not freezing yet) and it fogs up inside when I jump in, and most days we get some pretty cold winds too. Typical for this time of year, the lovely autumn colours are appearing though, which I love.

  14. I’m telling you, Yoda, California is where you need to be!! hehe
    Love the sewing (something that you will NEVER see on one of my cards. I’m allergic to thread and needles, snort!)

  15. Sherry, I’ve been away & got back last nite…hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Went to Vegas with a group of friends, we go every year & rent Harleys for a day or two. This year we went to Death Valley where it was up to 106 degrees!!! So fun though! Also for the first time I checked out Viva Las Vegastamps… so many stamps packed into one little place! It was great, but the store is actually in a bad area. (something I didn’t know till we got there) I went with 4 non-stamping g/f’s, so I felt a little rushed. I could’ve stayed another hour probably LOL!

    Hope you continue to feel better…

    Hugs, Ree

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