the corner!  Can you believe it?  Where has this year gone?  I was thinking about decorating the other day (not that I was going to decorate here) and realized that I threw my tree out last year.  Hmmm now the big question is . . . do I buy another 7 footer or simply use my little table top tree?

For those asking about my smoking . . . still not smoking!  I’m into week three of the patches and instead of sucking on straws, I’ve moved to toothpicks!  I will admit that I’m not able to sleep with the patches on so I’ve resorted to taking them off before bedtime.  When I get up in the morning I’ve been using a nicotine lozenge and then putting a patch on.  This seems to be working for me and I don’t have the major cravings for a cigarette.

On with today’s project.  I love this image of the kids playing in the snow and it just had to be part of a card.


Of course, you can’t have snow or a snowball without snowflakes!


Can you see the Krystallos glass shard glitter in the photo?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day!  Remember, life is short . . . . take advantage of the adventures that come your way!  Otherwise, eat dessert first!


16 Responses to “Christmas is right around . . .”

  1. Such a cute card. Love your paper contrast pattern. I better get busy.

  2. Glad to hear you are winning out over the coffin nails. Keep it up!!!!

    Love, love, love your vintagy style card with the cute little snowbabies. The glitter is sa-weet!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. Super Cute Image and YAY for 3 WEEKS!!!!! 🙂

  4. Sweet card! That image is so cute!

    Congrats on the 3 weeks!

  5. Love this card Sherry- you color so realistically, it’s amazing! Congrats on 3 weeks smoke free- the rest is down hill from here:)

  6. I am grinning ear to ear 😉 We are strong chicks! I knew you could do it and could not be happier for you. I vote for the table top. Or maybe a 2 x 4 decorated “Christmas” on the table top LOL….hugs to you, enjoy the weekend.

  7. A wonderful card!!!!

  8. A darling card, but I’m confused. Is the picture a stamp or a sticker or what??? Looked at the web sight but still not sure. Can you let us know.

    And congratulations on not smoking. Wish some of my family would quit. Keep up the good work. Edna

  9. I like that card. Decorating omg at mom’s….. I bet the uncle will have the tree up in the next few days. I am so happy to hear you are not smoking, been meaning to ask. I am just so proud of my big sister.

  10. What a sweet card. Love the image, the snowflakes….great touch. You are so good at putting DP together. Crafty Secrets….who could go wrong with CS? Gotta love the Spellbinders…..with all your touches… make everything better. Very, Very Nice…. Congrats on the progress….3 weeks! That’s a lot, I know, I was there at one time. You’ll make it! I’m decorating this year, my 4 year old grand daughter is coming from Australia, the house will be filled with the holidays. She is worried about Santa finding her…I have glow in the dark glitter. We will sprinkle it on the lawn, so Santa can find her! I’m soooooo excited.

  11. Sherry
    Way to go girl on the smoking. IT IS HARD but well worth it in the end not to be a slave to those little white cylinders!! I was a three pack a day girl.
    Keep up the good work both with cigarettes and crafting.

  12. so sweet, love the vintage image and the layering on the snowflake is great!
    Congrats on the not smoking!!

  13. Hi Sherry

    Great cards and love that glitter too.

    Best wishes


  14. Sherry, the card is adorable and the accents are great. Glad you’re still not smoking. I know it’s a hard habit to kick because my son has tried several times.

  15. Great card – love that chunky glitter! Way to go, girl! Three weeks is great…I have heard that it takes 21 days to make a habit…unfortunately, it takes somewhat longer than that to break one! You can do this.

  16. such a sweet card. you are right – Christmas will be here in no time. I haven’t put up our big tree in 3 years,but I am thinking about doing it this year, maybe in the family room with the small tree in the dining room. I better wait and see how much energy I have. love the progress you are making with the ciggies, I know you can beat them!

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