I’ve spent a lot of time this week drying off the little shihtz’ when they come in from the backyard.  This happens many times during the day  . . . either because we need to chase a squirrel, have a potty break and simply want a treat.  Elle knows that when you goes out and comes back in, she gets a treat and this has become a game of sorts.  She sits at the door whines, I let her out, she walks to the end of the deck and immediately comes back to the door.

Mom called this morning while the girls were outside and I was telling her about what it took to dry them off.


Elle outside, hunting for something . . . who knows what!


What?  I haven’t found what I was looking for!

ready to come in

I’m ready to come in now!

the blow dry

Oh know, not the hair dryer again   . . .

Elle warm and cozy

But oh how she loves the warm towels!


Sydney not wanting to be left out of the fun.  Even though when she came to the door, she ran right past me with snow flying everywhere and went straight to her bed in the window.  She appeared during the photo shoot after all the warming up was done!

BY THE WAY!  So many of you asked about a tutorial for the flowers I posted yesterday . . . I’m working on it today!


22 Responses to “How We Do Love the Snow!”

  1. Sherry, Your babies are just too precious! Thanks for sharing the photos!


  2. OOOOOH, love the doggies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your adorable little snow sweeties! They all have such wonderful fun personalities don’t they!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. LOL….. SOOOOOO, cute!!!
    use these pic for a Scrapbooking page…. will love to see it

  5. I love dogs. I have an Australian Shepherd and never realized how much they shed. So I vaccum everything everyday. My Sadie enriches my life. My husband says I spoil her…like he doesn’t. I have a Brittany and she is an outside dog. She has a 60 x 40 barn to sleep in and a bed of straw. Of course when it gets really cold we bring her in at night. They have also been having a lot of fun in all this snow. There is about a foot in my backyard and snowing lightly now but it is supposed to snow for the next 3 days! Enoyed you pics of your cuties. Love your blog. You do beautiful work.

  6. Hi Sherry –

    Love the pictures of the pups. They are just too darn cute. I have 2 dogs, Jackson – 1/2 german shepherd, 1/2 Siberian Husky – with all the fur to prove it, and Thor, who is a full german shepherd. They LOVE the snow. I’ve been working from home since yesterday and they insist (you know – whine) until I let them out. Now Jackson will sit and let me dry him off, he always comes in soaked and caked. Thor, on the other hand, I have to chase down, he just won’t sit still. You don’t know what frustration is like until you have to try and hog tie a full grown, wiggly german shepherd. By the time I finish with them and sit down to work again I’m exhausted. And God forbid I forget to give them their treat when they come in, they don’t make a sound. I just feel their eyes boring into my back as I sit at the typewriter – LOL! But I love the little buggers!

    Elaine Allen

  7. They are beautiful, I have a half-shih tzu half Bichon that is the same way. Loves the snow. Brings a smile to your face on a cold day!

  8. Very cute babies. How fun they are….I think I know what Ellie was looking for… a treasure she left before the snow. My Doxies love the snow…however they are short on both ends and they get high centered on anything deeper than 4 inches. 🙂

  9. Love the fur babies pics, they’re so cute. I love the pictures where Elle’s obviously trying to make snowballs (on her face,lol). There both gorgeous.
    I have two Labrador retrievers they love the snow too, it’s funny watching them chase each other bounding with tall leaps, out of the deep snow just to find their legs half disappear when they land, and what is it with snow when they’re out they’ve just got to bury their noses into it to explore the smells that either the snow hides or is it a new smell the snow brings?
    One of my dogs are perfectly happy to plod through it but the other doesn’t like her belly getting cold I reckon, she looks up at us like a toddler with the “Up, up” look on her face I just imagine her front paws up and out stretched and I buckle in laughter. Of coarse my DH had to lift his big baby and carry her to the nearest path which wasn’t so deep with snow. lol
    Mine did the “lets pretend we need out so we can get a biscuit” routine, but I got wise to this and only gave them a treat when they “were clever” and did their business outside. Otherwise my labs would be built like wee barrels, lol.

  10. Oh, how cute they are! I wish I were there playing in the snow with them! I miss childhood.

  11. so, so darn cute!!!!!

  12. LOL Elle soo cutie adorable… i love that story about your dog…thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. OMG what a joy they must be, love the photos esp #2 it is priceless, and so is the comment.
    Love your blog and your sense of humor. Your work is fantastic,

  14. So cute! Look at those little darlings, and Elle all covered with snowballs! Your babies are so dainty compared to my big lug, Wally. He’s a chore to clean up after he goes out and gets muddy in the rain and dirt. He always thinks he should get a treat when he comes in, too. Every time you say “good boy” he goes over and noses the cupboard where the treats are.

  15. Shirley what adorable pictures. I especially like the one with the snow stuck on the muzzle. Lol.
    Fur babies rule.

  16. I just LOVE those pictures. Brings back memories. I have been living in Florida for 30 years and sometimes I think I miss that. (but not too much!)

    Hope your doing well

  17. Sherry, I just had the best time looking at your photos of your sweet little babies. TFS!!! They certainly are precious and just having so much fun with Mommy. Looking forward to the tutorial. 😀

  18. very cute, my dog tries to avoid the snow as much as she can.

  19. Great pictures of your dogs. They are really cute.

  20. Sooo cute, Sherry!!

  21. Sherry, thanks for the Shih-fix. I so miss my babies who have long since passed. Yours are adorable! Aren’t they the funniest breed? And so loving. Someday I’ll have another, but nice to see yours in the meantime. Thanks for sharing.

  22. What sweet facies on your *Snow Bunnies*! At least you don’t have the dress them before going out, since they have soo much fur. My Boston Terrier has more coats then I do and enjoys strutting ~his stuff~ when he’s out for his daily walk. Just wish I could find some pet-friendly booties to protect is tender tootsies, from the elements and salt that is on the roads at this time of year.

    The little Shitz’s are ADORABLE just like their Mommmaaaaa!!!

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