117 Responses to “The E-Team Get’s Cracking!”

  1. Hi, Sherry! your frame is gorgeous. so full of beautiful details. I love those flowers.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing this technique with us.

  3. What a nifty idea to put the Utee image in the freezer, i must try that – what a great piece of art. Love it

  4. wonderful Sherry – love the rules.
    Sandra ltb

  5. Absolutely stunning my friend! I love this technique, so perfect for you and your altered art . . . you’re absolutely fabulous at it Sherry!

  6. Sherry LOVE this project. Just bought some UTEE with Christmas monie..Wohooo gonna try this out on a gift I am making. Thanks Love your blog!!!

  7. oh I love illustration board!!!! Love your project and as always those flowers are gorgeous. (Sigh, I soooo want the Excalibur and those Mega Dies).


  8. You are the coolest, Sherry Cheever!

  9. Love the combination of products from the Wendy flowers, Maya Road and the cracked glass on the frame and rules. I’ve got to get some UTEE. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. I have UTEE and use it now and then on flowers, but the way you used it is so vintage looking! I need to try this again. Love the flowers!

  11. I like the idea of the cracked frame, a differant prepective.

  12. Can’t wait to try some of these techniques !!! The finished product is beautiful!

  13. Such a beautiful project! Thanks for the detailed steps.

  14. Great tutorial Sherry. I have only tried this once so I will have to try again.

  15. Can’t believe that you did this project, I’ve been wanting to buy some UTEE and try my hand at cracked glass! Thanks for sharing your art. I love all the flowers and details, too. I also keep my embossing powders in those flat containers with a plastic spoon. I like it better than using a piece of paper and trying to get the powder back into the little jar which can end up with cuss words heard.

  16. Perfect accent for your art piece. I really need to make more flowers…..with a Padawon’s twist, of course!

  17. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Lots of fun things to play with here. Love the finished product.

  18. Oh, Sherry, I love the idea of putting the UTEE’d image in the freezer. Your cracking is beautiful. Heck, your artwork is always beautiful.


  19. I can’t wait to use my UTEE and new melting pot. Thanks for the superb inspiration and instruction.

  20. Sherry –
    I bow to your badness! This is just beautiful and thank you so much for the tutorial. Amazing work!

    Elaine Allen

  21. Beautiful project! Love the UTEE cracking you created and thank you for the tutorial! I really have to try that! Have a wonderful day!

  22. Love this project, thanks for sharing. I am so inspired by this Hop to get Crackin and am so glad I have the time off to try this.

  23. Love this and thanks for sharing.


  24. This is fabulous, Sherry. I really love those flowers.

  25. Need to try this ! Looks like the results will be surprising. Fun.

  26. Love the project – great rules for live!

  27. Beautiful. Nice job with the tutorial.

  28. Am loving the projects with the cracking… cannot wait to try this… thanks for sharing.

  29. Always love looking at your projects!!!! thanks for the tutorial. Will try this soon.


  30. Beautiful frame so detail love the flowers . Thanks for sharing and will be giving the UTEE a try .

  31. Great project! Thanks for the detailed instructions – definitely will give this a try!

  32. Hi, this is really cute! Love the lesson on cracking too! Thanks

  33. Thanks for the great instruction.

  34. Fabulous project and great pics.

  35. Pure wonderful “badness” here Sherry1 love it and I love cracked glass also and haven’t used it in a while. Cook up that garlic cheese bread and I’ll bring the pasta. LOL

  36. Love the project Sherry — and the stamp set! I just don’t use that technique enough!

  37. You’re creativity amazes me. Beautiful as usual. Bev.

  38. Can’t wait to give this technique a try. I love your project. I love the flowers you make they are always beautiful!

  39. Thanks for the great instructions. Super piece!

  40. Sherry
    Lovely project. I tried the cracked glass once and loved the effect. Must try again.

  41. What a sweet project! I love the crackle effect on the list, and the flower is beyond darling. Thank you!

  42. Cracked glass is one of my favorite techniques also! Love your project – so many wonderful details.

  43. Simply gorgeous!

  44. Beautiful project! Love the quote!!

  45. Lovely! I really like the crackle glass technique.

  46. Lovely project.

  47. Stunning art work as usual !!!! TFS it, now I have to get busy and do one too!! Byeeeeeee Hugs

  48. What a wonderful project. Can’t want to see a video of the project – I’m a visual learner. You are truly amazing and love visiting your blog daily.

  49. This is sooooo pretty and unique. I would love to be a copy cat. Thank you for sharing the how tos, as well as your talent.

  50. Great project. Thanks for all the details on fun (and new for me) technique!

  51. Beautiful project! Luv those flowers & crackled pieces. Making the finished project, just BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

  52. Wonderful flowers! The cracking effect is amazing – love the result. A beautiful creation!

  53. I really like Utee, and love the way th “Rules” ended up cracking…Thanks!

  54. My wife made a medallion for a candle we gave to out daughter’s fiancee’ family when they came for the wedding. It curled and when we tried to flatten it, it started to crackle. My wife was so upset. 🙂

  55. The freezer?? Who’da thunk! Fantastic!

  56. love seeing all the different ways you all use these products. Great creation!

  57. Beautiful project – just like your other projects! You are so creative, thanks for sharing your expertise with us wannabes!

  58. Beautiful project, and love your display of putting it together. Some of these products are new to me, so will be fun to try them. I love the effect. 6 great inspirations for daily living. Thanks Sherry

  59. It’s those simple elegant touches that just make the project! Thanks for reminding us to pull out our forgotten toys and play.

  60. This is just plain pretty! I love it all around.

  61. Lovely! The cracked UTEE is wonderful.

  62. Beautiful work. I love how you make
    the flowers so pretty.

  63. Absolutely love your blog and your projects. Thanks so much for all the creating and sharing you do.

  64. You are AWESOME!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial. I bought UTEE, but wasn’t exactly sure how to use it. THANKS!

  65. You can do many types of projects with these supplies!

  66. Don’t cha love UTEE? Your choice of color was refreshing and delicate but my favorite was RULES TO LIVE BY – yay love that!

  67. This is too cool!!!

  68. great project–I recognize those Studio 490 stamp sets! Helene

  69. Very inspiring project! It looks like it took forever! You are so talented!

  70. I love this technique. I have seen it before and it always looks beautiful. Love the flowers on your card.

  71. Your creations are always so cool. They inspire me.
    Thanks loads, Sherry.

  72. Thanks for the tip on Distress paints. I like the deep crackles, but had trouble with the fine cracks. Now I can finally get the fine delicate cracks I have been looking for.

  73. Such a pretty project. Love the flowers-purple is my fav color, and the touches of green, etc all go so well together.
    Kavi Coulson

  74. I so love your project! It is so cool! Love the technique too!

  75. Beautiful as usual

  76. A really cool project made even cooler by using Wendy’s stamps! This rocks!

  77. The colors you used on this project are fabulous! Love the textures you achieved too. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  78. The frozen crackle technique never occurred to me but it worked beautifully.

  79. What a beautiful project, Sherry! I love the look using the UTEE. I’ve got to try it! TFS
    Donna G

  80. Sherry thanks for such a great project and tutorial.

  81. phfew!!!!! is right. That was a lot of work, and a lot of products used. A great tutorial though, and I especially like the cracked glass explaination.
    Thanks, Sherry

  82. This is so pretty!!! I can’t wait to see your video. It’s late and my brain just isn’t grasping all the steps to this. I have never tried it but think it’s a great way to add a vintage touch to a project.

  83. I find that I really love your style and I’m drawn to your blog a lot for inspiration. As usual, I love this piece you made most recently. It’s pretty and it’s feminine (which I love). Who doesn’t love girly things? Well I suppose there are those who don’t, but I’m definitely not one of them. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy New Years to you and yours.

  84. Sherry, this is a beautiful project, I have tried the cracked glass once and wasn’t pleased with my effort…you have inspired me to try again. I love the frame and your quote is lovely and so true. TFS.

  85. love this! Got to try it soon!

  86. Very very nice. love it. new things to learn.

  87. so pretty, loving these cracked projects, your flowers are lovely too!

  88. Wow! You really get down with this. Great tutorial and photos as always.

  89. This project is beautiful. I love the way it looks. It would be so great sitting on a small easel or hanging on the wall. This is a must. I just have to do it. Thank you for such detailed instructions and photos. That will make it much easier for me to learn this technique.

  90. Love your project and the technique. Definitely will try this.

  91. Love the crackle glass…This is beautiful love all the elements and the pretty flowers.

  92. i always love everything you do, this blog is one of the few on my daily check list.

  93. I second that emotion, Bethann!

  94. What a wonderful project and thank you for the inspiration! I really, really need more paper so my fingers are crossed!!

  95. Wow, what an impressive project. Your creativity and imagination are very impressive. I can’t wait to give this technique a try. Thanks for sharing with us.

  96. Wonderful project & great crackings–will have to try the freezer tutorial real soon Love that!!!

  97. Great project! Now if I could just find my Utee… 🙂 Anne, yourmainestamper

  98. Beautiful project! I love crackle paint! I’ve never used Rock Candy paint though so I hope I win!!

  99. What a fabulous project. The colors and detail is so ” Sherry” . I must try this technique soon.

  100. Thanks for the step by step instructions! I have yet to use UTEE, but it looks fun.

  101. Great project just so adorable!

  102. Thank you for you tutorial.

  103. I saw that Texas toast garlic bread in the freezer… Can I have some? 🙂

  104. The freezer?!? What a great effect that gives… Thanks for the tip. Love the rules, too!

  105. Who would have thought “Cracked Glass????” I LOVE it.. i hope i get it correct too!!! thank you so much for sharing this great technique.

  106. There are so many different, fun and gorgeous elements to this project, Sherry! Love that you used the picket fence crackle paint over the cool peri color. What a beautiful effect! Fantastic project!

  107. Really like your project, Sherry, especially the cracked glass effect. I remember using the technique a couple of years ago, and plan to revive it, thanks to you!

  108. I keep meaning to try that freeze the paper and then crack it technique but never have. Thanks for the inspiration.

  109. Great idea to use a container for the UTEE. I always get my powders everywhere!

  110. beautiful colors and one of my fav Wendy stamps! great job!

  111. Love the look! Thanks for sharing!

  112. GREAT piece, Sherry…wonderful rules to live by too!! 🙂 Love your piece!

  113. Your project is so pretty, Sherry! I love the colours and the distressed look you achieved from using the products. Thank you for sharing and for the great tutorial! :o)

  114. Hi Sherry! Great work on this project. I love that picture of the inside of your freezer lol. It’s totally making me crave ice cream!

  115. wow…the freezer. LOL. Gotta try that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  116. I love all the different layers in this and what you’ve done with each! Very pretty!

  117. I do have a full freezer…….but, there’s always room for UTEE!! Another superb project Sherry!!

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