a big mess of mistakes!  What’s on yours?

It being Wednesday, that means it’s time for another What’s On Your Work desk!  I have to admit that I’ve really found myself anticipating this challenge each week . . . hopefully this week I’ll be able to make it through all the desks and see what everyone’s been up too.  I think that’s what makes this so much fun . . . you get a small glimpse of everyone else’s work areas!


I have to admit that I started one project . . . a flower.  I wanted to play with die cutting all the pieces with printer paper, misting, drying . . .


it came out okay.  I love all the depth and dimension I was able to get with the misting, scrunching and drying.   I even matched my colors up with some designer paper before I started so I could move forward with my project . . . or at least I thought I could move forward.

I decide on the shape of my card.  I die cut the base with a Grand Scalloped Circle die, die cut a smaller circle from the designer paper and settled on adding a border.  The flower totally over powered the design of the card and in no way, no how whatsoever, matched the designer paper!

Not to be discouraged, I shit canned the flower and moved forward with a sentiment as the focal point.


At one time I used this sentiment ( . . . dreams . . . from Penny Black) at least once a week.  Now I think the card is lacking something.  I would have gone with a bigger ribbon, but the scallops of the card ruled that out for me.  In essence, I ended up with a card that could be easily sent in the mail without tons of padding and extra postage.

The edges of all the cardstock is sponged with Antique Linen Distress Ink and the sentiment is stamped in Archival Coffee.  I drew faux stitching around the edges because it needed a little something.

That’s about it for me today!  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, embrace the adventures that come your way!


Product used for Project:

41 Responses to “On My Work Desk is . . .”

  1. Sherry – your blog has become my favorite blog to read. You have kept me up way past my bedtime (2:10am) and I have to get up for work in three hours. Thank you for all you do and your wonderfully real attitude.

  2. I just love peeking around on your work desk! So much creativity going on and that ever present cup of coffee!

  3. Love that card and the quote. Must acquire that stamp.

    And . . . . you shit canned the flower?!!! It was beautiful. Obviously I can’t tell what size it was but I think it would have been great on one of your boxes.

  4. LOL!! Sherry, you crack me up!
    Loved the flower but as Sharon suggested it would look REAL COOL on a box! I’m thinking a tiny version of that flower might work on your beautiful card too. Thanks for the eye candy this morning! xo

  5. love the idea of the shit can, wouldnt mind a peak in it meself, LOL

    your desk looks a great creative area

    siobhan no 100

  6. The flower is to die for, your right it is big ,but I’m sure you’ll find a spot for it, Like on the front of a bus or something! Just kidding, I admire your creative genius and love your wit. I remember the first time I saw your picture, bald and with a huge boo boo on the side of your head…Never…..did I think I would be going through the same thing with my precious Grandson..he has had two brain surgeries in the last week and started radiation yesterday…You my dear Sherry have been and will continue to be my inspiration and hope through this long journey we are on…I check in every day just to see what mischief your in. Love you and I don’t even know you.

  7. The card is gorgeous just as it is. Love the sentiment, I think I’ll have to look for that one.

  8. Love the BIG flower it would go well on the front of a bus..Just kidding it is beautiful…Love your card!

  9. The flower is lovely!! Making mistakes is a great way to learn!

  10. come to England in April for the Royal Wedding you could wear the flower on your hat lol ……. it’s a great flower you’ll find a home for it… love the blog, can’t believe how tidy your desk is !!! Hugs Suzee x

  11. Absolutely nothing is lacking on this card…it’s fabulous as it is! And I love the quote…. What a beautiful crafting area you have!

  12. Love your flower, Sherry- looks just like a cottage rose! Your circle card is very pretty and the words are wonderful- sometimes it’s nice to have a card that can actually be mailed!

  13. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, your flower is gorgeous, tutorial next? Not sure what shit canned the flowers is?? Beautiful card, have good eve, happy WOYWW, sue,x (25)

  14. I’ve been lurking for far too long and just have to let you know how much I admire your work and your wit. You make me laugh out loud. I love it that you willingly share both your hits and misses. Continue to keep it real!

  15. Oh Sherry, you gave me my first laugh of the day and even my husband chuckled. Tossing is something I do too, don’t we all. However, your end project ended up on my desktop. What a great save.

  16. What’s on my work desk? This tiny little computer, the Internal Revenue Code and regulations, a stapler, paper clips, two t hings of scotch tape, phone, lamp, pinkie …. Oh, you meant where I do FUN stuff! LOTS of crap as I’m reorganizing my paper — why on earth did I buy a piece of scrapbook paper that is all cheerios? I must have been hormonal. Next time you want to shit can something, feel free to send it to me! Even if it IS pink!
    If I can say something to Shirley R, if your grandson has a brain tumor and you want to come to DC for the brain tumor walk, let me know! We’ll make you very welcome! It’s fun, it’s short, it’s a family reunion for tons of families!

  17. Great fun post – love your desk.

  18. Lovely card Sherry!! I loved some of the comments… too funny 🙂 I think it would work on a package but hey it’s nice to know that we all go through that kind of thing when we are creating so not so bad!!!

  19. the flower is beautiful and your desk looks so inviting.

  20. A very beautiful card…love that quote!!!

  21. Love your card! The rose(in a smaller version), would make the card perfect! I love all of the things you do and the frankness you impart…very real!

  22. I love your peony and love your card and agree that the 2 don’t go together. LOL Happens to me ALL the time!!! Your desk looks clean compared to mine. Mine’s covered with scraps, dies, stamp sets, inks, glues, and instructions or prints-offs to many projects. I have 4 irons in the fire right now. Scrap page, card, ATC and Inchie swaps all due this month.

  23. the card is fantastic (as always) and I would have gladly taken that “shit-canned” flower off your hands!

  24. Great looking desk… much to neat for me! lol Thanks for your kind comment on mine :))
    Hey wouldn’t it be fun to swap desks :)) now that would be a great blogpost!
    Hugs x

  25. Your big blousey flower is full of character.
    Sue xx 67

  26. What a great flower! Thanks for a great tutorials!!

  27. Great job! You make look so easy.

  28. You still have a gorgeous flower you can use later and the card is very pretty, love that paper and that cool border!

  29. Sherry, these are fantastic!!! So cool and so gorgeous at the same time!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Blessings, Angie

  30. LOVE that flower! Sure you will find a use for it>
    Tertia 88

  31. I really enjoyed watching your video. I always thought these flowers must be hard to make – but you made them look much simpler. My problem is, with most of my cards is that they have to be sent in the mail and I get enough flak from my husband with the additional postage. So as you say, many times I have to shit can many of my ideas and embellishments. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful projects.

  32. I see that flower on Niecy Nash. It’s got attitude. How is your desk so darned clean?? I gotta work on that one…

  33. LOL, shit canned…hehehe. Hope that doesn’t mean the trash! It looks way to good to just toss… Loved your post.

    Thanks so much for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #22

  34. Very nice! Love the card and the flower! Your desk is awesome too!

  35. Wow! This is so cool! I love all the 3D embellishments.

  36. I’ve never seen such a NEAT work desk!

  37. Oh my gosh wow! Your flower turned out gorgeous! I really need to learn how to make those!

    Thanks for the peek! 😀


  38. I love the card and it needs nothing else imo, love the flower too, it’s going to be perfect for another project at another time.

    Brenda 94

  39. I suggest you get it out the ‘shit can’ that flower is lovely – love all your nesties – thanks for the peep at your desk ~ Nicky 45

  40. love the flower. also love “shit canned” ….keep keepin it real

  41. The finished card is beautiful and I love the flower. I have been planning on doing some flowers like this than putting them on wire to sit in a small vase. I got a grand calibur for crimbo but only used it so far for smaller dies, I have some grand dies and after seeing this card I think I might take the plunge and have a go.

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