This morning I called my hand surgeon, the one who operated on my trigger thumb last year, to see if he would look at my wrist.  Luckily he was in the New Albany office today and I could see him at 1:00.  My aunt came to take me and stayed with me throughout the office visit.

Good news!  I don’t need surgery . . . in their words . . . perfect, it was perfect.  I asked . . . Perfect?  yes a perfect break, requiring no surgery.

Bad news!  they don’t have white casts anymore!  The choices were:  pink, purple, red, blue, black  . . . no white!  I asked for white . . . I wanted white!  Why?  Well to alter of course!  your ideas to alter my cast was perfect!  What color did I get . . . my aunt picked it . . . then went oh know, too bright!


well, I think it can be airbrushed.  Yes, I think it can be!

I’m one handed for 3 weeks at least.  however they did leave my fingers exposed and said typing was exercise and I should exercise my fingers . . . YES!

Don’t you think this looks like it would pack one hell of a backhand?  I think so!  Maybe a spinning backhand?  Deadly!  I ‘ve been known to break 3 boards with a palm fist . . . . now with a cast!  deadly!

That’s all for now . . . its been a long day!  I will tell you this . . . mark your calendars for September 9 . . . Something GOOD this way comes!

In the mean time, I don’t know what I’ll be able to do if anything artsy wise.  The thumb needs to stop hurting first . . . . that’s where its broke . . . The radius right below my thumb.  Geeze not soft tissue . . . . . bwahahahahahaha.

Thanks for stopping by . . . remember life is short, make each day count!


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