88 Responses to “The E-Team Mission — Chunky Art!”

  1. Oh my I cant wait I want one of those kits!!!!
    Yours is just absolutely gorgeous…

    • What FAB ideas…to all…thanks for yur inspiration. Now I know what I am going to do with all of my Tim Holtz…things…and other things in my colletion of STUFF. This CHUNK ART is better than CHUNKY MONKEY ice cream!!!!
      Thanks, GIRZ

  2. Wow, Sherry!! Let the eP Celebrations begin!! Your chunky art is fabulous!!

  3. Way cool Sherry! Chunky is fun and these are just fantastic. Way to go Queen of Badness!


  4. Incredible!!!!!! Your art is so beautiful!!!

  5. These are so cool! I adore both of them. They would look great sitting on my desk too. Guess I’ll have to follow your lead and try my dangdest to recreate them. As always, thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. AWESOME!!!
    TOTALLY inspiring!
    ps…LOVE your choice of stamps!

  7. So creative–love!

  8. Sherry, your chunky is awesome!!!! Love all those flowers!!

  9. You are the queen of chunky art…love it!

  10. oh so very cool. just love the sentiments, who could argue w them? as always am in love w everything you make, you are my inspiration

  11. WOW. I love these & I am definately gonna try this one!!! I tried your cracked glass last week; came out fabulous. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

  12. I think I’m off to the lunber yard for some scrap wood. Love the consept. Really love your take on them. You always inspire me to accept myself. Thanks

  13. OH MY GOSH. I definately got DIBSSSSSS on these. Love ya.

  14. Oh my! These are wonderful! I especially like the way you did the flowers … beautiful!

  15. Fantastic!!!! Love every side of these!!! Especially love your flowers in the second project!!

  16. Sherry, your projects are gorgeous! As always, I LOVE the details you provide! Your tutorial on making the flowers was also excellent and took all the fear out of it for me!

  17. Sherry –

    Beautiful projects! I so love your work, it is just amazing. These pieces are no expection. I love how you arrange all the embellishments, your choice of colors.
    Elaine Allen

  18. I remember a lot of your creations from when I first started following you. Love them all!!! Would love to try and play with the new chunkies! My fingers are crossed.

  19. Terrific Sherry! Love your chunky art!!!

  20. You’ve outdone yourself Yoda!!

  21. These are fabulous, Sherry!

  22. Ordered mine Sherry! AND I got the ranger non-stick craft sheet I always see you using so easily! I aspire to be the Queen of Bad! (Lots of catching up to do I guess). 🙂

  23. WOW Sherry – this is fabulous – Wendy must be soooo proud!
    Great job – love your art work!
    Sandra ltb

  24. I love this! The colors are wonderful and your bird cage and quote are perfect!

  25. Amazing pieces I love the small bottle! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent!

  26. there pieces of art they’re really are stunning

  27. Wonderful works of art….You have an amazing mind…..I love your creations!

  28. not just one, but TWO fantastic projects…what talent!

  29. As soon as I saw the kit I knew this was right up your alley. They are absolutely wonderful. Awesome in fact. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  30. Oh Sherry your chunky art is totally awesome I love it! I need to live by your phrases. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

  31. great project. very pretty. tfs.

  32. So, of course, you totally outdid yourself with the Chunky Art. This is definitely you! I love both of them so much!!

  33. I love your chunky art projects as they are so rich looking and the details are amazing. Beautiful piece to be inspired by.

  34. these are both fantastic!!! and happy birthday EP!

  35. Oh my Bad Sherry, you keep outdoing your self. I see some of my favorite dies and some more that I can’t wait to get. Thanks for your inspiration.

  36. Whoa!! These are over the top – details and flowers and chunkies oh my!!!

  37. Yay chunky art!! I love what you have done! Great job!! (I too love birdcages….they are in so many of my projects)

  38. Fantastic!! So glad that I saw your previous post re this blog hop. I had heard the term ‘chunk art’ but never really took the time to figure out what it means.

  39. This is great and love your art work. Having a chance to buy just the blocks is great. Keep up the great work.

  40. 1st mention of this and I knew it was right down your alley….You do so awesome with this chunky wood.. I love both the ATC and the Tag
    love ALL the detail and the specialty is the SENTIMENTS…so true.
    Then you top it off with the cute fun Freakin’ Happy Birthday sign..love it You are a hoot…you make each and everyday fun Thanks Sherry

  41. Absolutley gorgeous!! All the beautiful gungepapery goodness, I love this project, just amazing!!

  42. Great projects…not only creative but inspirational also!

  43. This had to be like a walk in the park for you! But I have to tell you, the is the most beautiful thing I have laid eyes on for awhile! I think you outdid yourself!

  44. that’s all you have today? WOW!!! Your creations are gorgeous and the flowers are amazing. I love all the thought that went into these creations, especially the words. Beautiful job!

  45. Sherry,
    You never fail to inspire me! These are simply, beautifully, wonderful!

  46. This is something I would be proud to display in my home or give as a gift. I love your style

  47. Amazing! What beautiful pieces. I especially love the first one. I too think the bird house had got to be one of my favorite embellishments and it looks just grand on the piece of wood. The flowers are beautiful, and I love the quotes. I would love to have both pieces in my living room to show off.

  48. I love the flowers. What interesting pieces–so bright and happy.

  49. Yup, this Chunky Art eclectic Kit is Sherry Cheever, all the way to her bad little bones!! Are you sure you did not invent this kit? You really rocked this one. Love It! Linda S. in NE

  50. Oh my gosh, your work is amazing as always! I love both of these! There’s so much to look at on each of them. I’m so inspired to try this. Anne, yourmainestamper

  51. Ms. Cheever, you have left me awestruck again! The sentiment, the flowers. the colors…..I could go on forever. One word, OK two….
    Freakin’ Amazing!

  52. Love them both, but that same side as you like is great!

  53. Ahhhhhhh. You ARE the rose & flower Queen! Gorgeous.

  54. Sherry, I adore both of these and think they will be very inspirational to you when you look at them daily. Love the ideas you shared….the little glass bottle is my fav. Tfs.

  55. Both are fabulous–I really like the flowers.

  56. these are so stinkin fun and fabulous! I love each one differently and they are just gorgeous! I need to learn from your layering techniques.

  57. Who would guess what is under all that beautiful paper, flowers and goodies, great all around!

  58. Sherry this is something that is so beautiful, that I know it is something i would treasure also in my own home. What an inspiration to be able to look at it everyday and know that what we do benefits us and others. You are a very talented lady. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  59. Holy smokes!!!!!!!! These are stupendous…da bomb…uber wonderful!

  60. I cannot believe what you ladies are doing. I have never done this kind of art before, just getting into mixed media and discovered ATC’s, now this. I will never get out of my art studio again. Great job

  61. Love all the flowers on your chunky art!!!

  62. Your chunky art is fabulous, my friend! You send out such wonderful and exciting inspiration and I can’t wait to try something chunky and beautiful too!

  63. Wow Sherry this is absolutely gorgeous.

  64. Your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Sherry,
    Who would have thought 2 x 4’s could be used in paper art!!? I love wood and working with it, sometimes I tear up my husbands tools while he’s at work. Ha!! I LOVE what you have done with these chunky things, I love your style and I love your Flowers always. The knobs and feet are wonderful and remind me of antiques. Have a Great day! Thanks for sharing your talents and videos. =D

  66. Oh My Word SHERRY!!! These are just uber gorgeous!!! Best of the hop if you ask me.

  67. Hey Sherry…this is very very pretty! you do Wendy proud woman! we should vote! LOVE LOVE THIS ONE! I do believe you are an EXPERT flower maker…which im not!!!!!! xo cher from EWV and ATT

  68. I have made a couple of these and they are so much fun. Happy birthday. Jackie

  69. I love both of them! So glad I didn’t have to pick a favorite! LOL

    iamvictorias at gmail dot com

  70. What a great piece of art! You certainly have a lot of talent!Your flowers are generous and gorgeaous and I adore the colours you used in particular the blue! bravo!

  71. I love them, you have inspired me. and I love the “she only flew” stamp. that is just wicked!

  72. Very nice. Nicely detailed. Just love it.

  73. I love your piece! You used all of my favorite supplies and inks.

  74. wow I am reallly loving these. Great use of some great stuff, and so very wendy V , lots of great flowers and colors,. These are the bomb
    thanks for sharing

  75. Wowza!! FABULOUS!!

  76. Adorable. Love, love, love the flowers. Iris Soscia

  77. Wow both pieces are stunning love all the gorgeous flowers . Remarkable what you can do with a piece of wood

  78. Fabulous work of art! Love the flowers and the quotes you used!!

  79. Oh Sherry, you have long been an inspiration to me. I wandered off for a while and now I’m all into this new chunky ATC thing and who do I see on the hop list? You and all your fabulousness! I love your chunky tag like you made it specifically for me. Yea, yea, I know you didn’t *actually* make it for me, but a girl can dream, eh?

    Your ATC is equally fabulous. I love that you used different Cosmo Cricket papers for the layers. Brilliant and very eye-catching!

    Susan (a bloggy stalker who will try to be better… but in a good, non-creepy way)

  80. Man, I love ’em! The flowers always blow me away and your paper/color choices….awesome!

    I pull up your blog and have your flower projects up in front of me and I still can’t get them to look as luscious as yours! Simply gorgeous! 🙂

  81. Whew, these are beautiful! I love the colors and flowers and little bits of wonderful packed on here and there and everywhere!

  82. Sherry, you blow me away! I am certainly going to introduce these cute little chunky ATC’s to the 82 members of my ATC swap. I know they will be blown away to. Your little chunky piece of art is just to cute!!!!

  83. Your flowers on both the Tag and ATC are absolutely beautiful!!! Your colors are wonderful, what a fabulous job you did…Thank you for sharing!!!

  84. Wow!

  85. Oh this is gorgeous, I love it. S x

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